Secret Love

As the stars are decorating the sky
His words are decorating my heart
Even though I’ve never met him
His heart has held mine

As the flowers depend on the sun
My heart is dependant on his love
Even though I’ve never told, how much I love
He is the only one, I have in my hopes

As the rainbow approaches the rainy sky
His gentle care, wipes off sadness in my life
Even though I've never seen his eyes
The love song it has is only mine

As the waves keep coming in from the ocean
He wont stop, coming into my mind
Even though I assume, all the words he says
He knows it’s just an act

As he needs my love in his life
I want his more than my entire life
His love for me is a gift from above
That I truly want, from the bottom of my heart

Muthu Paba


සතර බිතු අතර

තදඳුරු අඹරේ
නිවී දිලී
දූරෑතට ඇදී යන

අහස්නැව් තරුවකට

මුතු පබා

Farewell Tears



සොඳුරු සිහිනය